Chapter-3: Chandra Shekhar Pandey, batch of 1989

04 Feb 2020
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  • Head Human Resources, Packaging Manufacturing Industry
  • Head of Human resources for AMCOR
  • Served as Deputy Manager HR for Jalpac India & H-one India Pvt. Ltd.
  • At PGDAV, served in the ‘National Service Scheme (NSS)’ and gave a strong voice in Campaigning for ragging free environment and against eve teasing in educational institutes.

  • From serving in the NSS and mobilizing students for social causes to leading Human resource departments in Multinational companies, Chandra Pandey has proven his mettle in handling and managing Humans as a vital resource in every sphere. After completing his Graduation in Political Science Honours from PGDAV College, Chandra got his Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management/ Personal Administration from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and soon stepped in the corporate world from 1991 as he served as the Executive HR & Admin in Pasupati Acrylon Limited and further went on to gain multi-faceted work experience in the HR of corporate as well as manufacturing facilities.

    “To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” This is the key mantra for every HR, and Chandra Pandey has exemplified this in his successful work in the Human Resource Department in a career spanning almost 30 years. Continuing to serve as Human Resources Specialist at Packaging companies, India, Chandra took out some of his valuable time to answer a few of our questions, sharing his experience in the corporate world while recalling his days back at PGDAV as a Political Science student.

    1. You spent 3 years at PGDAV and you must have made quite a few memories. Tell us about your experiences.

    In the time I spent at PGDAV, there were several moments which were very special. When Manoj Prabhakar & Raman Lamba (RIP) were selected for the Indian Cricket team, it was a great moment for PGDAV then and winning both the DU Cricket and Football trophy as well. I tried to get into DAV cricket team myself but after pulling roller on the pitch for six months and picking up balls hit by seniors, decided to drop the idea.

    The Politics was interesting as well. It was memorable when Ajay Makan became President of DUSU after many years of ABVP dominance in DUSU and seeing new student groups like Delhi Chhatra Morcha coming up and winning DUSU elections.

    2. What are the new avenues/opportunities a Political science student has today?

    Political science improves general knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical skills which helps in preparation for Politics, Management studies and Civil Services or other opportunity in Government Sector.

    A Political science student learns about various political systems in the world, knows about various governance. This helps improves communication skills specially helps to do well in group discussions. Political science student is normally good in current affairs which makes him a good communicator/orator/negotiator.

    3. Is good and strong networking with people a necessity in today’s era?

    Yes, good networking helps you know things which you may not have experienced. It guides you and helps update your knowledge about everything happening around. You get important information and learn from each other’s experiences. You also experience different point of views and get information about opportunities which can help you grow.

    4. What changes have you seen in the college students in these 3 decades?

    Internet has totally changed the way world used to be. We had libraries to search for information/knowledge. Today you have search engines in your fingers to get every information you want in the world. But going to library & browsing books had a different feeling then browsing search engines. Learning was livelier, more social.

    Social networking was not through mobile apps so when we were with friends, we were with friends only, no text message or calls to disturb friends. Jokes were not shared on text messages but learned, remembered and told. Birthday party was just chhola-bhatura and samosa at Lajpat Nagar street dhaba. Everyone had time for each other while today we are connected with people away from us while disconnected with people around us.

    5. Any comments on the rising cut-offs year by year?

    Cut off is just a number. The competition for admission that we had those days for 75% is similar to 99% today. There are more 99% today than 75% then but there were less colleges. One good thing was that there was opportunity to get admission in some of the colleges such as Dayal Singh, Shyam Lal, even if you score minimum or in evening colleges.

    6. What according to you is the importance of placement cell?

    It’s very important if it functions professionally. Even if one does not get placement, he learns a lot about various careers and opportunities. An efficient and engaged placement cell can come with innovative ideas to attract and invite opportunity providers.

    7. Lastly, do you have any message/advice for the current students?

    Do not miss any opportunity of having fun because these are the best years of life. Be a good human being, make good friends. Do not dishearten if you score poorly or fail in anything. I have seen students who were bad in studies have done good in life. Do not let unemployment scare you and change you. Search for a different innovative way of earning. Remember, it’s not money but happiness we are looking for.

    Never compromise on values, do not let political influence use you as a tool to spread hatred for anyone. Take care of people around you. Use your energy and aggression to help humanity.

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