Chapter 6 - Internship Snapshots

Disha Wadhwani

  • Name: Disha Wadhwani

  • Course and Year: B.A Political Science Hons. 2nd Year

  • Internship name: Finladder, Bizard Consulting and Times of India

  • Profile: Business Development Intern and Results and Market Developer

  • Duration: 3 months (Finladder), 2 months (Bizard Consulting) and 45 days (Times of India)

  • Offline/Online: Online

My internship experiences were amazing and enriching.
I was eager to gain experience so, after I completed my first semester, I began applying for internships.

I've done three internships till now.
My very first internship was at Finladder and I'm currently interning there. It was a 3 months internship but it got extended and I have been interning with Finladder for 11 months. The second one was with Bizard Consulting and the third was with Times Of India.

I've learned a lot in terms of communication (as I was an introvert; now ambivert) dealing with clients and understanding their needs, coordinating with my colleagues and seniors, and gained the confidence to put forth my views.

I feel such internships have changed me as an individual in a good way and have made me more dedicated and passionate about my work. Thanks to the Placement cell of our college through which I got these amazing opportunity :)

Rakesh Kumar

  • Name: Rakesh Kumar

  • Course and Year: B.Com (Program) 3rd Year

  • Internship name: BAJAJ CAPITAL

  • Profile: Sales

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Offline/Online: Offline

I interned at Bajaj Capital in the summer of 2019 for a period of 4 months, in their sales & research team.

It was a wonderful experience. The team works as a family to achieve the company goals effectively and efficiently.

I was able to experience and learn a lot of things. Before this internship, I faced a lot of difficulties while communicating with unknown people but after the experience, I’m more comfortable and confident around new people.

Besides this Bajaj Capital also helped me in understanding the financial market, how things work etc. Many-a-times I got opportunities to give presentations on different products to the clients. Those 4 months were wonderful, I got the exposure and experience that I was longing for.

This only happened because of the entire PGDAV Placement Team.

Jatin Batra

  • Name: Jatin Batra

  • Course and Year: B.Com.(Hons) 3rd Year

  • Internship name: Ernst and Young

  • Profile: Tax Analyst

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Offline/Online: Offline

It was a wonderful experience to be a part of such a big firm in the 2nd Year of my graduation. I want to convey my gratitude to the placement cell to bring EY to our campus and help me throughout my tenure. This internship helped me a lot to improve and develop myself. In the beginning, I made a list of a few objectives that I wanted to achieve in my tenure so that I could track my performance and growth. I used to hesitate a lot while interacting with new people, and this internship helped me overcome this and has taught me the value of building connections.

Each day was a learning day there. I made mistakes and recovered, took advice from the team, worked on my ideas, and improved after every review. I was given the utmost freedom and support throughout the period. I loved working in the field and have decided to take my career ahead in this field. I had the best mentors during these 3 months, who are the actual people to have created the base of what I am today. I feel a massive difference in me before and after the internship.

There was a chance for us to get the pre-placement offer at the end of tenure if we performed well, and luckily I got it. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. It is difficult for me to string that into words. I have always suggested people do an internship to gain experience and confidence like I hold now.

Shivangi Dwivedi

  • Name: Shivangi Dwivedi

  • Course and Year: B.Com. Programme 3rd Year

  • Internship name: Lido Learning

  • Profile: Marketing Associate

  • Duration: 1 month

  • Offline/Online: Offline

I interned at Lido Learning for a month in 2020 for the profile of Marketing Associate. From taking my first step for the interview till the last day, I had a great time. The work atmosphere and team behavior at Lido are applaudable. My mentors, HRs, and colleagues were very supportive and always motivated me to give my best shot. The internship helped me get an insight into the real corporate world and helped me develop and improve my soft skills.

I was the first to get rewarded with the ‘Star of the Month’ tag for my performance, which made my experience even better and memorable. It gave me the confidence and motivation to always keep my best foot forward and keep growing. I suggest all the students do internships and learn as much as they can through these practical experiences.

Diksha Gupta

  • Name: Diksha Gupta

  • Course and Year: B.Com.(Hons) 3rd Year

  • Internship name: Care Health Insurance Company

  • Profile: Voice Operations

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Offline/Online: Online

I interned with Care Health Insurance Company (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company) for three months as a voice operations intern. My work was to handle all the customers' queries, provide them with the best solution for their problems and issues related to their health care policies. We got 30-40 around questions each day.

Given the JD, I had to talk to many customers in a day. It helped me improve my communication skills and gave me the confidence to carry out conversations confidently and without any hesitation.

The work environment was great, and we got all the guidance and mentorship that was needed for the role. It was a great opportunity, and I’m glad I was able to take it up. I’ve grown from my experience and encourage everyone to take up such roles.

Harsh Goel

  • Name: Harsh Goel

  • Course and Year: B.Com.Programme 3rd Year

  • Internship name: Bajaj Capital and Airtel

  • Profile: Associate Intern and Taxation intern

  • Duration: 2 Months

  • Offline/Online: Online

I bagged the internship at Bajaj Capital through the Placement Cell’s Annual Internship Fair- ‘Converge’.

It was a 3-month internship where we had our complete training and development. It was a place where I got the opportunity to explore real corporate life. Since we were newbies, we didn’t know the field, the organization helped us and gave us exposure to the area. My mentors helped me in every step of the internship and taught me how to deal with situations, and since I was in the finance sector, they taught me a great deal about the finance field. We were around 11 students from PGDAV, and all of us had a fantastic experience. We got to work on our shortcomings and hone our skills

The Placement Cell has taught me a great deal about LinkedIn or Cracking GDs, PIs or even Communication skills, which helped me bag my internship in Bharti Airtel Ltd Taxation. I saw a lot of ups and downs in the internship and learned a lot from the opportunity. I got the chance to take the initiative and deal with real-life problems on my own.

I highly suggest students do internships in their college life to get first-hand work experience in the field they aim to work for in the future. I also recommend students join the clubs and societies as this helps a lot in developing you.

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