Resume 101

Include the following on top of your resume, below your name:

1. Address (City, State)

2. Phone No.

3. Professional Email Id (Avoid too many numeric characters, make sure it has your full name)

4. LinkedIn URL


Avoid a generic objective. Try to showcase your personal brand and highlight your passion.

Sample Answer:

Commerce undergraduate with a minor in Economics (type in your GE). I am a highly driven individual seeking a full-time opportunity where I can leverage my existing knowledge to drive innovation and change.
Statistics major seeking role as an actuarial analyst. I am passionate about technology, meeting people and exploring new avenues.


Always mention your education on top of the body of your resume as an undergraduate. YOUR EDUCATION SHOULD BE LISTED IN REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.

1. College

2. XIIth

3. Xth

  • Next, list down any RELEVANT internship experience while focusing on your roles and responsibilities and highlighting the targets you might have achieved

  • Next, List any volunteering activity or student club that you’re a part of. Again, make sure to highlight the work you did and the impact you created.

  • Mention your skills and languages known. Do not mention generic skills or irrelevant skills like Surfing the net, watching movies or listening to music.

    Add something that will help you along with this job. E.g- SQL(Beginner), Excel(Advanced), Python(Intermediate), PowerPoint( Advanced)


    Make sure to customise your resume as per the job description and the profile offered.