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Internship Info :

About the Company: Vihit Digital is a newbie in the world of advertising publishers, linked with world’s famous advertisers. Creating a source of decent revenue, we provide brands with ad creative, technical support, statistics and various additional services. Vihit Digital connects advertisers with high performing audiences by the method of direct reaction on brand campaigns.

Profile Offered: Digital Marketing

Roles and Responsibilities: 
1. Work on affiliate marketing
2. Work on campaign delivery
3. Work on publisher onboarding

Stipend: Rs. 3,000- Rs. 7,000(performance based)

Internship Type: Work from Office

Office Location: Gurgaon, Sector 44

Working Days: 5.5 Days a Week (10:00 AM to 7 PM) Alternate Saturdays: Working on 1st & 3rd , holiday on 2nd & 4th 

Joining: Can start the internship between 5th April and 23rd April

Duration: 3-6 Months

Eligibility: Students from all Courses 

Perks and Incentives:
1. Pre-Placement Opportunity
2. Experience Certificate

Last date to Apply: 11:59PM, 2nd April, 2021

For Queries, Contact:
Gauri- 9528360696


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Awign works with enterprises to take up intricate work across the service lines of auditing, diligence, assessments, proctoring, last-mile delivery, new business development, and digital gigs, which have to be done in distributed locations PAN India at a large scale.

Profile Offered: Business Development 

Roles and Responsibilities: 
1. Approach the Auto-drivers in your city.
2.Introduce yourself and communicate that you are from Awign.
3.Onboard the Auto-Driver by convincing them to download the app, register and    upload their documents.
4. Explain them about the benefits of the platform, payout structure and how to use the app.
5.You will be assigned a mentor to help you throughout your project.

Stipend: Upto INR 10,000

Internship Type: Work from Home

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Selection Process:
1. In-App Interview
2. Online Training
3. Telephonic Interview

Perks and Incentives: Experience Certificate

Last date to Apply: 11:59PM, 29th March 2021

For Queries, Contact:
Gauri- 9528360696


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Internship Info :

About the Company:
Digipplus is an ed-tech startup based in Newtown, Kolkata. They create academic content for startups. They are catering to premier startups of India like Vedantu, Embibe, Gradeup, Toppr & many more.

Profile Offered: Subject Matter Expert (Maths Textbook Solutions)

Stipend: INR 10,000 per month on completion of 500 questions in a month

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Writing crisp and clear solutions for the questions in a commanding form
2. Writing solutions to be read by an average student and ensuring that he/she understands them completely (stepwise solutions)
3. Typing the solutions in MathType
4. Following company guidelines and instructions to meet expectations
5. Taking care of format, spacing, and alignment in solutions
6. Ensuring zero plagiarism in content
7. Using proper grammar and punctuation in sentences
8. Devoting 4-5 hours on a daily basis to meet the required expectations
9. Writing 20-25 solutions on a daily basis (excluding a 1 day weekly off)

Duration: 3 months

Internship Type: Work from home

Eligibility: Students from the following courses:
•B.Sc. (H) Mathematics 
•B.Sc. (H) Statistics 
•B.Sc. (H) Computer Science 
•B.Sc. (H) Mathematical Sciences

Perks & Incentives:
•Opportunity to continue in further vacant positions

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 29th March 2021

For queries, Contact:
Radhika- 9999324554


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Shopperr enables and facilitates Indian retailers to source from cross border-based drop ship wholesalers and manufacturers efficiently and effectively. Shopperr is B2B platform offering 600,000+ products curated from 70,000+ suppliers/brands for you to sell to your customers. They are a collaborative horizontal platform that empowers wholesalers, retailers, traders, and manufacturers using technology as a source.

Profile Offered: Trainee

Stipend: INR 10,000 per month

Roles and Responsibilities:
•Ready to set-up best in-class vendor operations. 
•Business Expansion by meeting Vendors
•define processes to drive vendor satisfaction
•Work with internal teams to improve their business with Shopperr.
•Develop business relationships with vendors.
•Manage the sales with the sole focus of maximizing revenues in a timely, reliable, and consistent 

Duration: 3 months

Eligibility: Students from the following courses:
•B.Com (H) 
•B.Com (P) 

Location: Delhi NCR, East UP, Mumbai & Mumbai Outskirts, Punjab, Tamil nadu, Kerala, Telangana, J&K, Jharkhand, Bihar

Skills Required:
•Exceptional interpersonal skills, ability to build relationships and influence others without authority.
•Strong written and verbal communication skills, with an ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization.
•Proactive attitude, detail-oriented, and a team player.
•Proficient in Excel

Perks & Incentives:
•PPO with 3 LPA for tier-1 cities, 1.8-2.4 LPA for Tier-2/Tier-3 cities

Last Date to Apply: 11:59PM, 29th March 2021

For queries, contact:
Radhika- 9999324554


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Algorithmics combines offline and online education to teach children from 6 to 17 years old. Their students create video games, cartoons, and IT projects. They acquire skills in critical thinking and logical reasoning, presentation etc.

Profile Offered: Marketing & Sales

Stipend: Performance Based

Roles and Responsibilities:
•Generate leads through various mediums. 
•Follow-up and close the deals when possible.

 Internship Type: Work from Home

Eligibility: Students from all courses 

Skills Required:
•Good communication skills 

Perks & Incentives:
•Letter of Recommendation (Performance Based)

Selection Procedure: Telephonic Interview 

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 29th March 2021

For queries, contact:
Radhika- 9999324554


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Netomi is a Y-Combinator and VC-backed Artificial Intelligence company that sits at the intersection of two rapidly developing fields: AI and Messaging. By leveraging deep reinforcement learning and continuously learning neural network, their customers are able to successfully meet their social and commercial objectives.

Profile Offered: 
1. Data Analyst
2. Market Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities: 
1. Data Analyst:
• Business Analysis to understand the client's business and work with Data Analysts to define the Deep Learning (DL) model
• Quality Assurance of Deep Learning models
• Analyze the conversation quality in chatbots
• Leverage multiple crowdsourcing strategies to collect training and test data for DL models and help with cleansing, filtering and massaging those data
• Providing a high level of data quality awareness across multiple teams
• Evaluate and identify where enhancements of data to maintained higher quality data
• Detailed testing feedback preparation to help the team to improve the models.
• Monitor and improve the Data Quality Assurance process that can meet/exceed the current standards and procedures
• Learn and/or leverage the required software tools and technology

2. Market Analyst:
• Leverage data to understand and identify areas of growth for in-depth paid marketing channel performance across different regions and countries
• Integrate multiple 1st and 3rd party APIs & data sources into structured datasets to generate automated performance tracking dashboards
• Create reports/dashboards by compiling data from different platforms (Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, etc.)
• Ensure data cleanliness, aligning data sets to stakeholder objectives for reporting & analysis 
• Develop regional view by markets & channels to measure performance and optimize investment across digital marketing & e-commerce activity
• Document key findings for growth opportunities. Conduct ad-hoc analyses on key areas of the business

1. Data Analyst- Final Year students from all courses.
2. Market Analyst- Second and Third Year students from all courses.

Stipend: INR 10,000-15,000 per month

Perks and Incentives:
1. Students will get leave for their exams
2. Students opting for Data Analyst profile will get a chance to convert their internship into full time opportunity.

Date of Joining: Immediate

Internship Type: Work From Home

1. Data Analyst- 6 months 
2. Market Analyst- 3 to 6 months.

Last Date to Apply: 11:59PM, 25th March 2021

For Queries, contact:
Shivam- 9212226110


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Feedough is among the top 20 startup websites in the world. Their aim is to become the one-stop resource for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.

Profile Offered: Copywriting/ Social Media Marketing

Stipend: INR 5,000

Roles and Responsibilities:
•Handles social media profiles.
•Develops content for social media posts.

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Internship Type: Work from home

Duration: 2 to 6 months

Perks & Incentives:
•Weekend SMM classes
•Letter of Recommendation
•Certificate of Completion

Last Date to Apply: 1 PM, 26th March 2021

For queries, Contact:
Radhika- 9999324554


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Born under the dream of Start-up India, Newzera aims to provide innovative solutions to real world needs using Machine Learning and Deep Learning based solutions that are unheard and yet to enter the Indian market. It is a breakthrough product on an unexplored concept of Robo-Journalism at the world-level.

Profiles Offered: 
1. Content Writing Intern
2. Social Media Marketing Intern

Stipend: INR 5,000 - 10,000 per month 

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Social Media Marketing Intern:
• To conduct research, gather information, write blurbs, ledes, headlines, and strap-lines and focus on the hard- news format.
• Write, edit and review news content, while ensuring the correct tone, voice, clarity, flow, objectivity and structure of content.
• Brainstorm ideas and concepts for the visuals, words and content with other team members.

2. Social Media Marketing Intern:
• Ability to lead the creative thought process while keeping ahead of trends and providing proactive inspiration and recommendations 
• Ensure the correct tone, voice, clarity, flow, and structure of content.
• Develop original copy for creative deliverables, including but not limited to 
- video scripts, digital, social & print advertising, and brand presentations.

Internship Type: Work from Home

Duration of Internship: 2 - 4 months

Joining: Immediate/ May-July

Eligibility: 1st and 2nd year students from all courses.

Other Perks and Incentives:
• Sponsored educational programs for self development.
• Support for paid online learning programs.

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 23rd March, 2021

For queries, Contact:
Shally - 9350087703


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Mckinley & Rice is a global tech outsourcing company. They specialize in outsourcing tech solutions to brands & businesses across the globe. Their team is lead by the experts of the industry that provide the best web development services, CMS solutions development, cross-platform application development across India, South Korea & Delaware.

Profiles Offered:
1) Business Development Executive
2) Social Media Intern
3) Market Analyst
4) Python-Django Interns
5) MERN Interns

Stipend: INR 10,000 to 15,000 per month

Eligibility: Students from all the courses

Skills Required:
1) Fluency in English (Required)
2) Excited about working in a 21st-century work environment with innovative minds.
3) Capacity to work according to global standards (Required)
4) Knowledge about software development & emerging technologies (Required)
5) Entrepreneurship skills

Perks and Incentives:
•Continued part-time employment during the final year in college.
•PPO with a lock-in-period of 2 years.
•Certificate of Internship
•Independent Mentoring
•Participation in all company activities and fun events.

•Noida: Office 602 Ithum Tower A, Sector 62, Noida
•Pune: 204 Workcult, Platinum Square, Viman Nagar, Pune

Selection Procedure:
1) Screening test
2) MT
3) VT+ HR (Skype)

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 22nd March 2021

For queries, contact:
Radhika- 9999324554


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Credflow is solving SME's most pressing problem of cash flow management. They are a full-stack cash flow management solution automating accounts receivablesand building multiple stacks of financial solutions on top of that.

Profile Offered: Business Development Executive

Roles and Responsibilities: 
1. Work on reaching out to leads over calls and closing them by giving them a demo.
2. Work on providing customer support.
3. Work on following up for feedbacks and generating product understanding for the
product team.

Stipend: Rs.8000 fixed + Variable (performance based) per month

Duration: 2-3 Months

Joining: 1st April, 2021

Internship Type: Work from Home/Work form Office(Stipend will vary accordingly)

Office Location: CP, New Delhi

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Selection Process:
1. Group Discussion
2. Personal Interview

Last date to Apply: 11:59PM, 18th March 2021

For Queries, Contact:
Gauri- 9528360696