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Internship Info :

About the Company:
Their drive is to revolutionize the music streaming scene, putting their unique music recommendation AI in the hands of the user - making music discovery a more personal, relevant, and shared experience than we know it today.

Profile Offered: Music Data Analyst- Trainee

Stipend: INR 8,500 per month

Roles and Responsibilities:
● Verification of the data ingested on our system.
● Classification of the above data to ensure that it suits Indian music consumption needs.
● Sorting of song data into the correct buckets to assist our AI engine.
● Apply or retrieve the most relevant and accurate data, where required.
● Ensure completeness and 100% data correctness
● Work to create logics for new categories for filtering out content.

Location:  Vatika Mindscape Building, Tower-B, Faridabad, Sector 27D, Haryana 121003

Duration: 1-3 months

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Skills Required:
•Good team spirit, strong work ethic, and an open attitude
•Great passion for music

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 14th March 2021

For queries, contact:
Radhika- 9999324554


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Growth Arrow is independent financial service domain. Developing strong commitment towards new standard in financial services in better way which stands innovative platform towards wealth and prosperity.

Profile Offered: Research Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities:
•Monitor trading performance
•Trading systems and techniques
•Research and resolve issues in trading area
•Maintain and document activity
•Provide prospects with general information and help them with training
•Analyzing and creating new marketing making trading strategies
•Paper trading for training
•Build quality relationships with industry participants

Internship Type: Work from Home

Duration: 2 months

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Perks and incentives:
1) PPO (Performance Based)
2) LOR (Performance Based)
3) Certificate on completion

Selection Process:
Zoom/ Telephonic interview

Last Date to Apply: 11:59PM, 14th March 2021

For queries, contact:
Radhika- 9999324554


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Internship Info :

About the Company: Tenhard India Pvt Ltd is a leading name in the E-media industry. They are publishers of renowned titles like Tenhard Traveller and food and provide magazines of various publishers in odigital versions. Using the latest technologies they help people get the latest news in digital form. They also provide a huge platform to those who want to make their career in sales and marketing, content writing or blogging by promoting their talent on e-media product.

Profiles Offered: 
1. Sales and Marketing Intern
2. Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Intern

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Sales and Marketing Intern:
• Learn & understand various aspects of sales & marketing.
• Work on live projects through customer acquisition & business development.
• Develop sales strategies for the company.
• Day to day management of the sales & marketing functions.

2. Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Intern:
• Live-streaming on Social Media.
• Podcasting.
• Branding
• Email marketing, blogging

Desired Skills:
• Exposure to digital/online channel sales/event sales will be an added advantage.
• Ability to work under minimal guidance and must have Strong Analytical / Presentation skills with good command over Excel and PowerPoint.

Internship Type: Work from Home

Duration of Internship: 1.5 - 2 months

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Stipend: 10% of Revenue generated

Other Perks and Incentives:
1. Certificate of Completion
2. Letter of Recommendation, Appreciation Certificate and Excellence certificate based on performance.

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 12th March, 2021

For queries, Contact:
Shally - 9350087703


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Internship Info :

About the Company: OpenSense Labs Private Limited is India's premium full-service Drupal agency. They specialize in Drupal & product engineering and focus on delivering experience platforms to ensure client success and satisfaction across different industries. 

Profile Offered: Web Development Intern

Joining: Immediate

Location: Delhi

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Working on both front end and back end of the project.
2. Working on the day-to-day tasks assigned by the company.
3. Configuring basic modules and core settings to get a site running.

Skills Required: Basic knowledge of PHP , MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and Drupal

Internship Type: Work from Office

Duration: 4-6 months

Eligibility: Final year students from the following courses:
1. B. Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics
2. B. Sc.(Hons) Statistics
3. B. Sc.(Hons) Computer Science
4. B. Sc. Mathematical Science

Stipend: INR 10,000 per month

Other Perks and Incentives:
1. Certificate of Completion
2. PPO on successful completion of internship(INR 2.5-4 LPA)
3. Leaves during exams

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 7th March, 2021

For queries, Contact:
Shally - 9350087703


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Internship Info :

About the Group: The Oberoi Group, founded in 1934, operates 32 hotels, Nile Cruisers and a Motor Vessel in the backwaters of Kerala. The Group has presence in seven countries under the luxury 'Oberoi' and five-star 'Trident' brand. The Group is also engaged in flight catering, airport restaurants, travel and tour services, car rentals, project management and corporate air charters.

Profile Offered: Trainee

Stipend: Rs. 800 per month

Joining Date: 1st March, 2021

Location: The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Last date to Apply: 5:00PM, Today, 26th February 2021

For Queries, Contact:
Gauri- 9528360696


Posted On : 2021-02-21 17:39:21
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Internship Info :

About the Company: AdmitKard is an early stage startup - providing a tech solution for end to end career advisory to students looking to study abroad. 

Profile Offered: Marketing Intern

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Social Media Promotion i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, What's App, Google
  • Putting banners in their college.
  • Promoting our services by having webinars and seminars in colleges.
  • Reviews on Google my Business.
  • Social Media reach   

Eligibility: Students from all courses    


  • Certificate of completion of internship.
  • LOR and LOA for best performers.
  • Best performers in every 10 days for motivation.
  • Appraisal to best performers.
  • Placement opportunities
  • Trainings      

Internship Type: Work from Home         

Last Date to Apply: 11:59PM, 24th February, 2021      

For Queries, contact:   

Khyati- 8826125569       

HERMES LLC        

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Internship Info :

About the Company: Hermes is a family office fund. The director/promoter is a founder of one of the fastest-growing Ed-tech companies with interests across enrollment management, higher education, online education, and study abroad. The fund is open to investing across asset classes (equity, crypto, foreign markets, commodities, options, futures, hedge fund-like strategies eg), but typically to pursue nonobvious opportunities and using data and algorithms to come up with a very unique approach to investments.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • The intern would be allocated real capital to invest across assets of their choice.
  • The intern will work directly with the promoter to ideate opportunities of investment, after which the intern will go ahead and research and come back with a thesis of why, when, how much to invest in that opportunity with an expected ROI.
  • The intern would be expected to think using first principles and make investments suggestions that are backed by either information arbitrage, a unique approach to investments, algorithms, deep data driven thesis or some other data led approach.
  • There are 3 open roles and each intern will be given a corpus (between $30-50K / INR 20-35L) to invest over the period of the internship post which apart from a stipend, they would be given a 5% profit share of the profits realized over the next 1 year.

Internship Type: Work from Home

Eligibility: Students from all courses.

Stipend: 15k/month + 5% profit share of the investments handled


  • Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Chance to work with the top management 

Last date to Apply:  11:59PM,12th February, 2021

For queries, Contact:
Khyati- 8826125569


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Internship Info :

About the Company: GetMyUni is a Times Internet backed ed-tech startup with a vision to enable a student's post K-12 learning journey. They do that via their products which today serve over 40 Million+ users annually.

Roles and Responsibilities
1. Content Strategy and Operations-
• Working with the content team to conceptualize, blueprint and create asynchronous elearning content for this vertical
• Conceptualize, blueprint and execute live learning classes 
• Track student outcomes
Create personalization engine
• Create collateral such as ebooks, videos, webinars and live learning material to aid student learning 
• Create data driven content strategies to ensure superior student learning

2. Teacher Trainer Strategy and Operations
Strategy and execution for :
• Hiring IELTS trainers at scale
• Training contractual trainers and ensuring consistent delivery
• Scaling teacher hiring and training of non IELTS background trainers
• Leveraging technology for running day to day 1:1 learning classes to ensure smooth operations
• Setting up trainer processes to ensure superior student experience

3. Sales Strategy
Strategy and execution of:
• Building non obvious top of the funnel / lead generation strategies
• Understanding core needs of the students and iterating on the sales pitch to improve lead:enrollment conversion
• Managing a team of enrollment counsellors and devising KPIs to increase conversion and retention
• Technology lead solutions to increasing enrollment conversion

4. Marketing and PR Strategy
• Creating strong online presence of the brand to create buzz and trust
• Student acquisition strategies over and above being pursued eg: referral campaign, offline channels
• Growth Role

5. Product Management
• Understanding other online learning companies and creating a product / features pipeline
• Work with the tech team to execute the same
• Implement various product analytics tools to understand user behaviour and implement changes to improve user experience and outcomes
• Create learning journeys to ensure best student outcomes

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Stipend: INR 15,000 per month

1. PPO to the top performers
2. Letter of Recommendation

Internship Type: Work From Home

Last Date to Apply: 11:59 PM, 12th February 2021

For Queries, Contact:
Shivam- 9212226110


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Internship Info :

About the Company:

Maven Workforce is a full service Executive Search, Recruitment and Staffing company with a rapidly growing reputation. They have a presence in India with offices in Noida and Mumbai and operations in the United States. They are looking for young professionals to be part of their expansion efforts. 

Roles and Responsibilties:

1. Contacting prospective candidates.
2. Elaborating them about the job opening.
3. Convincing the candidate to apply for the job.
4. Maintaining the day-to-day report.

Internship Type: Work from Office

Location: 3Second Floor, A-, Block A, Sector - 4, Noida (U.P.)

Interview Date and Location: 12th February, In-office Interview

Duration: 3 months

Eligibility: Students from all courses

Stipend : INR 8,000 per month

Perks and Incentives: Certificate of Completion

Last Date to Apply: 11 A.M., 10th February, 2021

For Queries, Contact:

Shally - 9350087703



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Internship Info :

About the Company: Young Engine aims at bridging the gap between the students and companies with the help of its programs which helps in honing their skills. They help students pave their path to success by providing them with a plethora of personality development opportunities, from Internships to access to premium pan India events. 

Profiles Offered:
1. Hiring Manager 
2. Graphic Designer 
3. Social Media Manager 
4. Research Associate
5. Strategic Partnerships - School  
6. YouthX - Event Planner

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Hiring Manager
• Initiating partnerships with Placement Cells across India.
• Understanding company's culture and hiring requirements.
• Generating applications, interviewing, and shortlisting the right set of talent.
• Making sure each team member is working to their full capacity and happily learning the most in their particular domain.
• Constant Decision-making about the Human Resources and discussing it with the CEO every month.

2. Graphic Designer
• Designing multiple graphics for Youtube, Instagram, Website, etc. 
• Using software like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
• Constantly observing and analyzing posters of other companies, startups, youtube channels, etc.
• Implementing new Graphic Ideas and analyzing the results thereof.

3. Social Media Manager
• Creating social media marketing campaigns.
• Managing social media accounts of Shivansh Garg and Young Engine.
• Posting on the social media channels according to the content calender.

4. Research Associate
• Conduct detailed research of intended subject matter according to business needs; subjects include leadership, resumes, interviews, etc.
• Bi-weekly calls with the Founder to learn some unheard real world stories on different topics and provide it a structure to form part of the research
• Conduct deep-dive research on their podcast guests and build a kickass questionnaire for their interview on podcast.

5. Strategic Partnerships - School  
• Building strategic partnerships with schools and similar institutions across India; stakeholders include School. Principals, Teachers, and Tution Centres
• Creating a direct channel with school students; primarily through Whatsapp groups and network effects.
• Building a team whose role would be to constantly engage with the audience through different activities over Whatsapp and Discord.

6. YouthX- Event Planner
• Preparing the itinerary and ensuring smooth functioning of the event.
• Creating a marketing campaign for YouthX to ensure a good footfall.
• Connecting with senior members and making them aware about the event.
• Working on the grandeur of the event and maximizing the participation.
• Short-listing the venue and speakers.

Internship Type: Work from Home/Work from Office

1. For Hiring Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Research Associate, Strategic Partnerships(School)- 3 Months
2. For YouthX(Event Planner)- 1 Month

Eligibility: Students from all Courses

Perks and Incentives:
1. Certificate of Internship
2. Letter of Recommendation

Last date to Apply: 11:59PM, 3rd February 2021

For Queries, Contact:
Gauri- 9528360696